The Kindoms of the North were special. Some say that it was besause the Snow Queen had blessed that lands. Others say that it was a boon from the North Wind.

What made the kingdoms so special was that everyone had a STORY. Everyone had a special moment when they could touch something extra. A moment when they were the center and the focus. Fifteen minutes of fame. For everyone.

Now not all STORIES were equal. Some people had wonderful STORIES where they rescued the princess and became king. Other STORIES were less dramatic and involved rescuing frogs from wells and gaining the ability to speak to frogs.

Sometimes people failed in their STORIES. The prince stayed a frog or the princess runs off with the dragon. Sometimes people were creative and expanded their STORY. The boy who could talk to frogs find the prince and returns him to the kingdom.

But everyone got a chance. Everyone got to be the hero in their own STORY. Everyone that is, except one girl.

And this is her story.